Saw Sharpening

We provide a high quality sharpening service of circular saw blades on our Vollmer CNC machinery. After a full inspection and appraisal of condition we can sharpen and replace teeth where necessary.

We still offer a service on plate saws for the logging industry where customers prefer the option of setting and sharpening in the bench.

We sharpen wide bandsaw blades with either swaged or stellite tooth forms, depending on customer’s preference.

Sharpening and setting is available for the mobile sawmills eg. Wood-mizer, Ripper37 etc.

To compliment our other sharpening services we sharpen both H.S.S. and T.C.T. planer blades, morso blades for picture framing industry.

We sharpen various blades encompassing the forestry sector, including bandsaws, circular saws, peeler and chipper blades.

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